Emma Rose

Emma Rose

Emma Rose Porn Star Biography

Emma Rose is a beautiful trans performer whose career in the adult industry began in 2020.

Early Life

Emma Rose always saw herself as a woman, but it was a long road to get where she is now. She grew up on a farm in Florida to "redneck" and "really country" parents. She moved out to attend college at 18 and began looking into transitioning after she discovered that it was an option for her. After years of therapy, she began taking hormones in April 2017. Prior to joining porn, Emma worked as a stripper and then pursued a career in marketing, since she has a degree. Emma didn't exactly enjoy corporate life, so when her adult career began taking off at the same time as she was apartment-hunting in New York, she decided to leave marketing behind and pursue adult work full-time.


Emma Rose shot the first scene of her career with Christian XXX, admitting that she'd gone "back and forth" for a few months over whether she wanted to do the scene or not. Finally, she found the confidence to go for it, and since has been quite popular with fans and trans studios alike. She's open to shooting just about any genre, whether it's with men, women, other trans women; she identifies as bisexual. She doesn't prefer topping nor bottoming; she's as verse as they come. Emma lists her OnlyFans scene with Aubrey Kate as one of her favorites that she's shot so far, and she hopes to work with Adriana Chechik someday. Emma became a contract star for TransAngels in 2021. Emma received her first AVN nomination for Best Trans Performer for the 2022 awards show.

Star Quotes

"I love being trans, but more than that, I also like bisexual. I like being fully versed. I like to top, and I like to bottom. I like girls as much as I like guys. I feel like I'm so weirdly balanced that I am down for anything and everything, and I do think that's hard to come by."

"I love to have sex with the camera. I love to use my eyes, hands, and body. But then, I feel almost more vulnerable if I'm in another environment where I must have clothes on, and I'm fulfilling a certain image. I just find that to be harder than taking off my clothes... I don't know why. It just comes easy to me that way."

"My favorite, in my personal life, is that I love couples. You get two beautiful people, and they love each other, and then I'm like a unicorn in the mix. I get both of what I want. It's the best."

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