Honey Gold

Honey Gold

It only seems appropriate that a star who is a veritable honeypot of pure gold would choose a screenname like Honey Gold. She is originally from Northern California -- the San Francisco Bay Area to be exact. Her family is very conservative and religious, so she hasn't talked to them since she was 18 years old because she was just such a wild person and they didn't accept her lifestyle.

Gold joined the porn industry when she was 23 years old in 2017. Honey gets her exotic look because she is part Chinese, Mongolian, black and Native American with a touch of Irish thrown in there for good measure. Honey never even had sex until she was 19 years old, so she has to make up for lost time! At first, she thought she would be waiting for marriage but she got bored of waiting and wanted to have fun. As soon as she did have sex, she felt that the sex drive that was always within her was fully unleashed.

Honey is a gorgeous girl who has multiple tattoos. They all mean something special to her and she hopes to get more. Before porn, Ms. Gold worked in fast food, as a graphic designer and some other jobs that she totally hated. She decided to do porn because she was very tired of feeling marginalized in the workplace. As a woman of color, a young person, and a person with tattoos, she felt there was always something that her employers would do to keep her down.

She felt that through porn she could be in charge of her career and make something of herself where she wouldn't feel put down. As of 2017, Honey has a boyfriend who is in the porn industry, Donny Sins. Honey Gold loves older guys so their eight-year age difference isn't a big deal at all. Honey is a switch who likes hanging out with guys who are dominant or submissive. She can change her position in a scene based on the energy of the other person and still have a great time.

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