Kristen Scott

Kristen Scott

"It's been my goal in porn to be as real as possible. I know a lot of girls will put on this facade of whatever character they want to put on [ . . .] for me, I didn't really have a character in mind. I didn't have a person I wanted to become. I just wanted to have a way of really expressing my own sexuality and being myself and just appealing to people who appreciate the realness of someone, of someone being genuine," Kristen Scott told Karups in a 2017 video interview. Her value of authenticity is part of the reason she has succeeded as a pornstar, particularly in roles where she has been required to act or develop a character.

She was born in San Diego, California in the mid-1990s. The desire to join the adult industry was not an imposing imperative for her at first. She came to the decision incrementally, first by doing some lingerie modeling at 18, then by doing some camming, and then finally taking the plunge and shooting her first adult scenes. "I was so nervous. I was really shy when I first started," she said in 2017. The "Kristen Scott" pseudonym was deliberately chosen to evoke a girl-next-door feel. The initial scene she shot was a girl/girl sequence for ATK, followed a few months later by her first boy/girl. While she was very apprehensive about how the B/G scene would turn out, it ended up being the "number one on the site for a year," according to Scott. The confidence she gained from this early success soon blossomed into further achievements, including XBIZ and AVN nods for Best New Starlet. Thanks to a longtime passion for women in general, Scott has shown a great aptitude for girl/girl scenes (such as in Her 1st Anal for LesbianX), but she has also excelled at boy/girl work. "I didn't learn about all my kinks until I got into porn. It's really to have learned so much about myself in this job. It's definitely been a fun ride," she said. One of her most acclaimed performances in Half His Age, a turn that inspired to write a follow-up scene.

In terms of her personal preferences, Kristen enjoys doggie- and cowgirl-style sex, likes to watch anal porn, is a fan of Game of Thrones and early Walking Dead, and has a passion for singing.

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