Brett Rossi

Brett Rossi

Though sometimes defined by her tabloid scandal involving former flame Charlie Sheen, Brett Rossi is a pornstar of many sides and many talents. She's had success as a runway model, writer, and media personality, often leveraging her quirky sense of humor to great effect.

Originally from Fontana, California, Rossi was a tomboy growing up, playing in a variety of sports (including ballet, gymnastics, water polo, and ice skating). After getting into modeling as a teenager, Rossi found herself working at the Playboy Mansion. Encounters with Howard Stern and then the famous Twistys photographer Holly Randall helped set off a rapid sequence of events where she became a Penthouse Pet, Playboy Cyber Girl, and porn contract girl all within just a few months.

At first, she performed solely in girl/girl scenes. "I did GG because that's what I felt comfortable with at the time. I only do what makes me feel comfortable and I never let people pressure me to do anything beyond my comfort zone," she said in an interview with Adult DVD Talk. After finally shooting her first boy/girl scene (in My Sister's Husband for Digital Playground), Rossi decided to retire from the industry. The transition period was difficult, as she noted in a Q&A with BroBible: "It was so difficult to adjust to that regulated schedule. So that, and it was such a major adjustment in my social life: How do you tell people, 'Hey, I was a successful porn star.'" During this retirement period, she became briefly engaged to movie star Charlie Sheen, in a relationship that brought Rossi thoroughly into the mainstream. (Their split was covered heavily in the media, as was the ensuing fallout.)

She eventually launched a porn comeback in the award-nominated Brett Rossi Is Delicious and has continued to enjoy a productive collaboration with Kayden Kross, that film's co-director. In addition to her work in the world of porn, she's also gained fans for her stand-up comedy gigs at the LA Comedy Club and other venues.

In August 2019, Rossi announced her second retirement from the industry, citing a variety of factors (including the negative impact of social media) in a lengthy statement issued on Twitter.

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