Sophia Lynn

Sophia Lynn

Sophia burst into the adult business in 2006, shooting with companies like Digital Playground and Pure Play Media, but it was her work for Adam & Eve that took her career to the next level. The company was so impressed with her beauty and presence that they took her on as a contract performer.

She did many scorching scenes for A&E, but soon the industry took its toll on the Southern girl. She made an infamous appearance on Primetime that detailed the strain of working as an actress in the adult industry and before long she retreated to South Dakota where she became involved with a Christian church.

Today the Florida native is stronger than ever and working hard at making a comeback. "I took some time off from the industry to find myself and develop into a woman," she says. "I still love the church and will never regret anything I have done. Everything has helped me grow to be the woman I am today."

As she begins her much-anticipated comeback, she is dividing her time between building her website (, shooting content and scenes, preparing for her first national feature dancing tour and designing her own lingerie line. Sophia currently lives in Colorado with her puppy, Infinity. She is represented by Rising Star PR.

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