McKenzee Miles

McKenzee Miles

McKenzee Miles is a very cute and very smart girl who sort of stumbled into the adult business as if there was simply no other challenges left at her young age. A straight A student and classic over-acheiver, she graduated high school early at the age of 16 and then went on to college.

While attending college she also held down a job as manager of a Starbucks, where she met and be-friended a girl who now goes by the name Micah Moore. Their personalities fed off each other and soon they found themselves in front of a photographer who turned them on to some people in L.A. and the next thing they knew they were the next new starlets and in high demand for their innocent but naughty looks and sexual apetitites.

Admittedly, McKenzee was not familiar with the adult film industry, acknowledging that she did not know who Ron Jeremy or Jenna Jameson were when she first started appearing in movies. But, now with almost 75 titles to her name, she has embraced the adult film industry. She continues her college classes, studying journalism and hopes to use her education to further her career in the adult film industry.

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