Brooke Haven

Brooke Haven

I am a mix of Venezuelan, Irish and Italian, so as you can imagine I have a very fiery sexual energy which I am proud to display. I started my career in the business on October 12, 2004, so I consider myself to have achieve a great start to being successful in this industry. I have always thought no matter what you do for a career, you should love it and if you don't, you should find another career path... because if you are not completely happy with what you are doing you are not going to put your best foot forward. As you can tell from watching me bring my sexual energy to a scene, I completely love the work I do.

I have been in over 150 movies in my short time of being in the business and have had the privilege to work for great companies and directors, and to work with great talent.

I grew up in a small country town called Sonora, which is located in Northern California near Yosemite National Park. When I turned 19, I moved to San Francisco and started stripping on Broadway St., working for Déjà Vu. That lasted about 3 and a half years. I had a lot of fun and held nothing back, considering I danced fully nude right off the bat... but I have always gotten off on the fact of turning on complete strangers, men and women.

From there, I moved to Phoenix, Arizona and began dancing at a club by the name of Le Girls Cabaret. While working there, a very special girl walked into my life, named Lexi Marie. We both shot for Playtime Magazine, so they asked us to work an adult convention in Los Angeles, "Erotica LA," where we got many contacts and I pondered the idea. Lexi moved full speed ahead and hooked up with one of the top agencies in LA for the adult industry, LA Direct Models. She convinced me to come here to LA with her for a weekend and give it a try.

Well, after that, that's all she wrote because I loved every minute of it! So here on my site, I invite you all to cum and play with me and my friends....

Love, the mis b havin'

Brooke Haven

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