How did I get into porn? Well, I attended Columbia College in Chicago as a Dance/Theater major and was paying for it by my self. I wasn't making ends meet to well. So, a friend said go strip. My mom once told me "if you want something find a way to do it." I was determined to stay in school. I started stripping. Though, stripping and Classical dance don't really go hand and hand. So, I would work everyday sometimes doubles during semester breaks; that way I wouldn't have to work during school. Chicago was too cold so I moved to Hawaii and joined a dance company.

Hawaii is where I met my husband Kris Slater. He was in the army. After he got out and we moved to Los Angeles so I had gone back to stripping and my body was sore again. I said, honey you want to have sex together and get paid for it? I emailed some Porn Stars and Renee LaRue wrote back and told me who to contact. After being in the industry for a year we felt comfortable enough in our relationship to start working with other people.

It's a fun life!!! I love working in an environment that is so open and positive. We are now starting back with school, though I never stopped taking ballet, jazz, modern dance, or acting. Summer '03 I got my Pilates equipment certification. I filed for divorce from Kris Slater Feb. 2004. Now I live in Las Vegas where I teach at 2 Pilates studios and I'm in all of my classes.

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