Jack Hammer

Jack Hammer

Self-described bad-boy Jack Hammer is a ruggedly handsome adult entertainment star who gained fame in the business at the age of 32 after being paroled from a five-year stint in the prison system of California in the summer of 1995 for armed robbery. He remained in the business from 1995 to 2004.

Born Troy Mainwaring on November 10, 1963, and after a troubled marriage, the man who would later become Jack Hammer, was considered a real man's man whose life and his career are testosterone-laced. He lived and worked on full blast-taking in all the pleasures with his senses wide open. It was speculated that because some of his friends were bikers that he, too, led a rough and tumble existence. The scruffy, bearded Jack Hammer appears to be a take-charge lover whose presence is impressed upon a woman first by his looks and then by his physical prowess. But make no mistake about it; with more than 200 films to his credit, Jack Hammer has been a very busy boy. Though he performed primarily with women, Jack also performed in the transsexual and bisexual genres in the business.

To know the man is to know his work. No doubt his screen name, Jack Hammer, emanates directly from that professional persona. Irreverent, unpredictable, but most of all versatile, a few of his titles will reveal the range of Hammer's performances: Abuse of Power, Big Jack Hammer Nails Da Booty, Extreme Gang Bang 4, Gangland White Boy Stomp 3, Psychosexx 2, Trannie Maid Service, and Inappropriate Behavior.

Because of the prodigious amount of ink that covers nearly his entire frame, Jack could be described as a walking billboard of tattoos. For example, Jack is adorned with a Left-facing skull with a spiky Mohawk on his left chest; "WEST SIDE PUNKS" scrawled on his right chest; an Anarchist symbol ("A" in a circle) on his right shoulder, snail-like swirls on his left shoulder; a bearded wizard with peaked hat on his left shoulder blade; and a man in a hat on his right shoulder blade, among many others ...

When it's widely viewed that women are drawn to the bad-boy type, undoubtedly Jack Hammer has a multitude of female followers who will continue to be drawn to this Pied Piper of the Adult Entertainment Industry. In that respect, Jack Hammer's work will be on display and admired for years to come.
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