Nina Hartley

Nina Hartley

Nina Hartley is a legend. She's the high Priestess of Porn and still going strong in the biz, being probably the best-known actress in the niche market of mature porn.

Nina was born Mary Louise Hartman in March 1957 in Berkeley, California. She was the youngest of four. Her parents embraced the progressive atmosphere of Berkeley and were active Buddhists as well as being involved with the Communist Movement that was active in the States at the time. It's easy to see where Miss Hartley inherited her rebel spirit.

Nina graduated from Berkeley High in 1977 and went on to attend San Francisco State University. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in nursing in 1985. She is 5'4" tall and 140 pounds. Her measurements are 35C - 24"- 38". She is a Pisces and her best feature is considered her ass.

In 1982, Nina started stripping while a sophomore in college and made her porn debut in 1984 in the classic Educating Nina, with her mentor Juliet Andrews. She has been active in the Porniverse ever since as an actor, writer, director, advocate, spokesperson, and all-around champion of the biz. She has won too many awards and accolades to list, and her Nina Hartley's Guide To series of books and films help to inform and educate thousands.

Nina is bisexual and was in a poly relationship from 1981-1986. She married her male partner in 1986 and divorced in 2003. The same year she married Earnest Greene, who directs BDSM themed porn under the Ira Levine moniker. As of 2019, she and Greene were finalizing a divorce, according to an interview with Adult Empire. Nina loves porn and has no desire to stop anytime soon. To date she has appeared in over 1100 movies.

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